Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Trip with Airasia pt.01

At the famous Petronas Tower

This is my first time to Kuala Lumpur and thank you too Airasia and the Kuala Lumpur's tourism board that make it happen for me to have a glance of the city. Airasia invites some bloggers and travel writers to visit the Airasia Academy (i'll post some photos about it in another post) and i'am one of them. 

Because of some delays, the itinerary for Kuala Lumpur's night tour was cut short and we only visit the bright Petronas Tower and Laman Aiman a food center that open until late at night. They got awesome Tom Yam Soup, Sata and some nice Teh Tarik. 

Laman Aiman

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wandering to Jakarta Euphoria Project

A new trend in Indonesia called "curated market" are emerging for the past few years. Where basically a committee invites handful of young creative entrepreneurs to market their brand to mall's visitors. 

A good place to find stuff with well design and sometimes unique things you never know you need one until you find one with beautiful design. And that's what i also find in Jakarta Euphoria Project earlier this evening. 

After a few time visiting these 'curated market' i found that a lot of the tenants are Entrepreneurs Students doing their campus project with friends, so here's a tips: if you find something cute/beautiful/nice/well designed stuffs like clothes/denim/wallet/stuffs you like and you never heard of the brand, then you better buy it right away because it might be your only chance to find them before they'll all graduated and close the business. 

By the way, i'm here to visit some friends with booth like Nadia of General Object that selling good looking multifunction basket, stool and stuffs, Poppie that showcasing her photographs, Zaky that hanging around after doing his live drawing and to meet people with unique business. 

All mission accomplished and i managed to know more people from various background and it was fun to listen to each of them telling about what they're doing for a living. 

Awesome evening.

Lemi the Space Wanderer with the famous black basket.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ultraviola an Exhibition by Rebellionik at Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang

A good friend of mine having an exhibition and it's awesome. Utilising lights, darklights and his good eye a great exhibition just opened today February 13th 2014 at Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang.

It's also awesome to see Hyperreal Movement and Deathrockstar logo printed on the publication and mentioned as the exhibition supporter. :)

Hashtag Now Playing an art exhibition by R.Hakim and Ykha Amelz at Waga Gallery Kemang

So last night i went to my friends' exhibition opening at Waga Gallery in Kemang Raya 9D, Jakarta Selatan. (just in front of the famous KFC). The exhibition sponsored by a beer brand so that most of the people coming hold a beer bottle in their hand.

Basically the exhibition were about their passion in music, so they're interpreting the local indie band's songs into art. And the result are great.

I met R.Hakim a few years ago during a collective exhibition in a coffee shop and i remember that i was amazed by his amazing skills with pen. Very much detailed and the character is so strong but yet firm. Now in the exhibition he explored wood medium that shaped into vinyl like medium and drawn his awesome art on it.

While i attended the same University with Ykha, and i knew her as a rock vocalist and then i found out the she is also a great artists. Not surprised that she'll actually have her own exhibition and massive followers that amazed by her talent.

If i could push every screen to add 'love' to every piece, i will do it right away. Awesome exhibition.